Ode to the Gottmans

Ever since I declared that I will write an anthology of poetry, the poems come to me everyday, anywhere and everywhere


In an act of precision my lover makes surgery of me

Babble and foam in tongues encanting some devil I tried to forget

My eye loses true north and I roll away into the dark

Yet I have learned other languages
Beyond my own heart's speech
By tracking the pen of my dearest editor
Whose stroking red marks on the curves of my verse
Makes tension in the economy of words

I see sometimes in the softness of the space within him
That he is bilingual

His touch to me then,
The heat of his hand singing to my skin
Speaks to me in my native tongue
When he decides to put back together as a whole and make of us one


If my mind is my home
I live alone
By the shore of your river
Which sometimes floods its banks 
Because I live by the fresh air of my open windows
And because my front door is rarely closed
I walk on wet floors when you storm
Before going up to my study to dry

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Arts, Education and Writing

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