Welcome I and II

“Rose Cottage” by Helen Allingham

Three crows greet me this morning
Hopping in place on the fence
Strange friends
Crowd around

They stay close
Eyes stop as I pass
And meet the winking black gaze
Of the closest

A fourth alights
On a far wall: the witness
Then a fifth
Late to the murder

What had they been waiting for?

Is it me?
If I must quit something
Quit what separates
Feeds the gnawing doubt
Casts a darkness in the center

Quitting drinking
Is the path of renunciation
Admitting I have lived but half my life
Only part of each moment

I lose the old familiar questions
To the admission of my inheritance
The cycle of hiding
Ends with me

Gaining my wholeness
That needs no assurance
The seeker finds she is
Already home

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