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Wooden statuette Mary Magdelene

The art work I will explore in the next phase of life is custom, inspired statuettes of Master Healers. I have been reading the “Mary Magdalene” book by Meggan Watterson and it has opened my heart to the power of female healers in history – specifically this one – and more to the point, the creative, healing power within the self.

I am going to start collecting cloths (natural fibers, cotton, silk, blends), glue, repurposed materials (beads, gemstones, stones, buttons, caps, string, yarn, pins, clips), find blank statuettes of the major spiritual figures I study and think about (Christ, the Buddha, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael to name a few) and begin to create. I can’t wait to play with color (I think St. Germaine is with me, as I am all about the color violet!) and hand-build these statuettes – in prayer, in contemplation, with the intention of healing and supporting the receiver of it.

Full disclosure – my idea is not a new one. A friend from long ago, Hannah, told me her aunt did “custom Marys” for people. I have be unable to find anything anywhere about the woman who makes custom Marys but now I will reach out and find out! While these will be my own, and not possibly the same as Hannah’s aunt’s work (each piece is, after all, completely unique), I do feel that the origin of the idea needs to be credited appropriately.

What will I do with these statuettes? I will give them away! I will offer them to people who either ask for them or who I feel inspired to give one to.

As my two little ones become more independent (now turning 1 and 3 years old each), I begin to think of the Home School program I will do with and for them in their life. As we spend more time in Costa Rica, as we expand our horizons and explore the world and learning opportunities as a family doing projects and creating together. I will use this Master Healer statuette artistic and spiritual practice to both learn and explore for myself, hopefully bringing my kids along to learn and create with me. These historical figures will teach is, I have no doubt and we will learn about creating art and discovering through the practice of making and giving away, the value and joy of sharing with others.

Also, I am eager to bring prayer and contemplation into the center of my focus again. After all, those years of meditating and Buddhist study did leave within me the power of presence and working with my mind and heart. It’s time to renew this in this time as a mother and figurehead in my kids’ lives, as well as for the healer and artist within me who craves a rebirth and new life.

But first, the prayer that came to me this morning, modified from the Usui Reiki prayer I learned during my Reiki training about 20 years ago:

Just for today do not worry, but trust.
Just for today do not anger, but enjoy.
Honor your children, teachers and elders.
Love and respect yourself and all living things.

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