To my son

I held you sleeping 
Your heart beat the puzzle of life 
Having forgotten who I am again, I was spinning
Mama I am mama I will be

It came back to me like a snowflake landing on my pate 
The message to me was this: 
A person with her own vision 
Like remembering a buried corpse 

You see, I fell again
Into hiding 
Drunk on the seeds of shame 
Secretly lost

But a woman of vision sees in vivid colors 
And holds vast spaces behind her eyes 
The unjournied sea and land waiting for her footfall 
To say, I have been here. I am home. 

You carried me, son, while I carried you 
To be brave even with terror and a shaking voice 
Speaking to the crowd in my womanhood shame and pride 
It was the new life you gave me, as I gave you new life  

That night when I held your sleeping body to me 
Your heart beat in mine 
So hard my chest hurt 
The tide pulling the moon

Healer boy love
Makes mama vivid
Gives me the message 
Once again

Published by jchmcpherson

Arts, Education and Writing

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