Joanna Horton McPherson has a background as an educator, actor and writer. In 2005, she founded the first of several non-profits in which she directed youth and adult programs. Past teaching work ranges from emotional honesty acting, school administration and theatre for social change. Joanna is also a trained artist & musician, hypnotherapist, meditation guide, and Reiki master. She completed her yoga​ ​certification in 2017.

A self-awareness exercise for acting students

Joanna served as the Dean at Verde Valley School, an international service-focused, experiential high school in Sedona, AZ. Following her time there, she led a program for YWCA’s gender equality initiative in Rwanda. In 2016, Joanna completed globally-recognized social entrepreneurship program, SeedSpot.

At home with her family on their organic farm in Costa Rica

Joanna has recently worked on creating schools. She completed her Master’s degree in Arts Education at Harvard University. She and her family share their time between the US and Costa Rica. An avid traveler, poet and a vegan health foodie, her greatest passion is watching her young children evolve and learning from them the art of motherhood. Joanna’s written work can be found at Medium.com, Vunela, Shambhala Online.

J&T SeedSpot
Joanna & Thomas McPherson at SeedSpot in Phoenix
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