To the Dying Man in Playa de Coco

While on vacation with my family and my sister’s family in Costa Rica, this experience happened. I said a prayer for this man, and that prayer slept through the night and today woke to me as a poem We picked up a passerby as we left the beachThat was yesterdayI could not see him Thin man asContinue reading “To the Dying Man in Playa de Coco”

Wild Woman

Written in homage to Clarissa Pinkola-Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves Covered, uncoveredUnearthly pigments staining her limbsTall, lithe, long Nimble fingers of flameIn nature, in the firewood In the herbsIn the speak of the animalsShe wanders amid roots and the soilLuxuriates in a deep waterbath under the kiss of flowersShe is the healer of time Conductor of seasons of change, nowScreaming,Continue reading “Wild Woman”

Poem about a girl and her grandpa

“There once was a little girl and her grandpa…”A story unfolds in a low voiceAnd the funny face of a character he plays: An old guy slightly dopey and chagrined Leaning in, he begins,Speaking softly to the baby of his daughter”And she was wrapped in a blanket,”  Telling her tiny listening faceLooking up in rapt attention,”I don’t knowContinue reading “Poem about a girl and her grandpa”

Winds of Provence

While in the south of France, we’re renting a flat in Aix-en-Provence. Much to our dismay, Aix feels like any small city anywhere but French. During our stroll around town we appreciated the quaint and historic mix that seems to be a European speciality: ancient city blocks and metro shops… it rings familiar…  I think Italy spoiledContinue reading “Winds of Provence”