Mildred Aldaya Paderewski

The technique makes me truthful, organic and open.” I have gained so much from Joanna’s program. Joanna creates a safe environment of support and is amazingly giving with her students.The emotional honesty technique makes me organic, truthful and open – I love how much it helps me grow as an actress among other talented actors. I feel blessed to work with her.

Patrick Barry

patrickI wouldn’t have had the confidence to move to LA…” After a decade of acting classes in Florida and New York City, I finally found a class as a firm foundation to grow upon – not only as an actor but as a human being. Without Jo’s guidance, teaching and passion, I would not have had the confidence to move out here to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a successful actor.

Tim Ritter, Producer

timShe left us with a performance that floored us.” We auditioned actors but once the director (Pat) saw Joanna’s audition for 315 Films’ “Remedy,” no one else really had a chance. She appeared on set ready to go, incredibly professional and detail-oriented. She took direction well and left us with a performance that floored us, and will soon floor audiences. I would highly recommend Joanna for any director or producer looking for an actress – she’s guaranteed to make them and their project look better.

Grace De La Rosa

graceJoanna allows me to feel and express freely, without moral judgment or restriction. I truly appreciate the emotional safe haven she creates for our class. Her explanations make it easy for me to absorb and understand. Quite frequently, I find myself pondering about “just being”, and I have Joanna to thank for growing professionally and personally. Visit Grace here.

Kim Miller-Riley

kim.jpgI can’t say enough about how much Joanna and her teaching means to me and what a positive impact it has made in my life. In addition to amazing training by a truly talented teacher, Joanna’s studio also provides a sense of community and has become my second home. Visit Kim here.

Shelby Sporl, Actress

Thank you to Joanna for coaching me! I can’t believe I won “Best Actress” out of the competition of 750 films internationally – it still doesn’t feel real. Working with you has been fun – I got an agent, booked a Disney commercial, and I’ve learned a lot at the acting studio and have continued my path. Shelby Sporl on Youtube here.