God Washes Away the Devil

I used to I used to I used to knowWho I amChaos(Turn)Doesn’t the devil do his work?Under disguisePain is dependence(Turn)Listen Go InIn in in, friendDown down downLight call it Relax softIn call in the light Down down downLet it fill tendencyPain is the openingTendernessOf GodYou are right This is who you areRememberGod washes away the devil


How different we are If different is the word For your dirty feet Nestled sweetly together  Two tired pigeons The sun bakes the heat into the pavement like a griddleSearing any skin it touchesNot fit for a human To walk hereUnder this overpassBy the concrete park You are grey dust Grey shirt grey mess hairIn a haze of busy avenue shadowsContinue reading “Arizona”

Compassion doesn’t make appointments

Why did I cry during the teleconference?I opened my mouth and KnewThe tears would comeAs you spoke about the death of your fatherI see myself on the screen inWhat listening looks like:Shiny desperation mixed with refusalI have a primordial itchThe deep “next”Reaching out and away from myself To anything elseThis is not suffering”It’s good, basicallyContinue reading “Compassion doesn’t make appointments”

Under the Black Moon

I.Mercury / black moonBreatheLittle cat gripping the walls of the tubStart over and trust that I canII.I wasn’t old enough to even buy cigarettesSought out troubleThe black sicknessCrouched over the hypnotic whirr of the ceramic wheelMy hands lost in the curative water of clay slipThe clay demands perfect balance or else warps off centerI allowContinue reading “Under the Black Moon”