The Vulnerability of Birds

Feathers follow me where I go
And show me the way
A confirmation from the other side of the veil
I’m on the right track

Wine is a thief
Who steals from me moments
Yes of my life but more importantly
From yours

Today on our walk
My first day after giving up wine
We saw so many feathers on the ground
It’s time to quit
When my day looks forward to
The serum of anti-presence
I wonder for hours whether I will
Pour the glass

Even knowing your tiny eyes
Will watch
And learn from me the lie
That there's someplace better to be

A bird's nature is gentle
It does not wish for another moment
It will fly, build its nest, feed its young
Thinking of nothing else

Even an animal who would ravish it into oblivion
Rending the bird wing from wing
Cannot take its grace

As you can plainly see
In the forgiveness heaving from its tiny bosom
Each wisp of breath
Threatening mercifully to be its last

There is something heavenly
In the way it lays
Surrounded by shredded plumage
A scattering of its life
Not clinging
Nor afraid
In surrender
In your deep way that babies have
Of not just looking
But seeing
Softly lacking the ability to assess the meaning of it all
Not wondering about the mess of feathers

You simply inhale the world
As it is
Like a flower or
Your mama’s smile

Wiser than I,
You teach me about the birds and
Suddenly there's nowhere else to go

You don’t yet know that
These feathers are little omens
To me from the ancestors
Who, in their wisdom,
Alternately heal and warn
Drawing them to me
And me to you

Would it be too much to tell you
That you are my reason?
Swirling the air with your hand as you dance
Your silhouette hesitating akimbo in the doorframe
as you devour the landscape

I am your ancestor
Let my life be pure
Protecting your wholeness

We can spend the evenings on the swing
Drinking in the air & the sunset
Looking for the crow who calls
From the top of the swaying pine
We caw in answer

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